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About The Sole Point

The Sole Point’s mission is Mind. Body. Balance. Because when you feel great, you inspire those around you.

When you are calm, focused, and free of pain, you have the ability to enjoy a healthy and productive life, personally and professionally.

Whether you chose to experience The Sole Point’s services in our studio for private treatments, or in your workplace as part of your wellness strategy, our purpose is to help you, and your employees, feel better, sleep better and be more productive, personally and in the workplace.

Through the natural healing services of reflexology and meditation, we can help people combat stress, boost their immune systems and stimulate the natural healing processes of their body, bringing balance and making them feel great so they can be more productive personally and professionally.

Our clients report sleeping better, having more energy and experiencing an overall feeling of calm and well-being as just a few of the benefits.
Whether you come to us or you engage in our workplace wellness calm program, we will work with you to bring mental clarity and emotional calmness to you or your team.

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The Sole Point :: Carol Heslin Leigh, RCRT

About Carol Heslin Leigh

Carol, Founder of The Sole Point, has over 20 years experience in reflexology and meditation training and is passionate about helping people feel their absolute best!

Carol and her team work with clients who suffer from physical, mental and emotional imbalances such as chronic pain, cancer, neuropathy, anxiety, depression, menopause as well as those who simply want to maintain their health.  It is from the suggestion of these clients that The Sole Point made its entry into the corporate world.  They saw how Carol could help companies improve employee health, morale and loyalty by bringing reflexology and meditation into the workplace.  So, Carol created calm, custom programs designed to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being in the workplace.  For more on this, see Corporate Wellness Program.

Carol is a proud and active member of the Reflexology Association of Canada as a teacher, examiner and the Vice President of the Ontario Chapter.  She is also an active member of the Clarkson BIA and Chair of the Health and Wellness Committee with the Mississauga Board of Trade.

Benefits of Reflexology & Meditation

Some benefits to experiencing reflexology and meditation either exclusively or in the workplace:

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