Why choose Carol as  your teacher?

Carol’s Biography

As a lifelong student of reflexology and meditation, Carol is passionate about holistic healing and promoting well being through reflexology and meditation and recognizing their profound impact on our physical, mental and emotional well being.

Carol has been an RCRT with the Reflexology Association of Canada for 22 years She is committed to mastering reflexology protocols and she approaches reflexology with empathy, compassion and a genuine desire help people find their balance.  She is excited to be a part of your journey into reflexology.

Carol is actively involved in The Reflexology Association of Canada and is currently the Vice President of the Ontario Chapter. She is dedicated to continuing education and staying abreast of emerging scientific research in the field, ensuring she provides the highest quality if care to her students and clients.


Core and Foot Reflexology Course Description:

This core and foot reflexology certification course consists of 35 hours of in person learning and provides students with a comprehensive understanding of reflexology theory, techniques and practical application.  Includes manuals, workbooks, reviews, 50 hours of case studies and examinations. The price also includes a private 60-minute foot reflexology treatment from your instructor, Carol Heslin Leigh.


Cost – $1,900 (+HST)


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the history and principals of reflexology
  • Learn about reflex zones and their corresponding organs in the body
  • Develop a deep comprehension and competence in reflexology techniques and protocols
  • Understand reflexology’s role as a complimentary therapy in promoting a holistic well being
  • Gain practical experience in providing reflexology treatments
  • Learn business and professional skills for establishing and growing a successful reflexology practice


Course Outline:

Module 1 – Introduction To Reflexology

  • History and Origins
  • Principals and concepts
  • Benefits and Contraindications


Module 2 – Anatomy and Physiology

  • Overview of the body systems
  • Understanding the reflex zones and their connections
  • Reflexology maps and charts


Module 3 – Techniques and Methods

  • Foot techniques and protocol


Module 4 – Practical Application

  • Client Assessment
  • Setting up your space
  • Hands on treatments
  • Case studies and real life scenarios


Module 6 – Professional Development

  • Establishing your practice
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Marketing and Promotion strategies
  • Client management


Module 7 – Continued Education and Advanced Training

  • Opportunities for further study and specializing
  • Become an RCRT with RAC



  • Mandatory 3 hour check in
  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam


Upon completion of this course, my goal is for students to have a comprehensive understanding, skills and confidence to practice reflexology professionally and ethically.

You will be equipped to be a strategic thinker and provide effective treatments tailored to individual client needs with confidence.

Successful students will be certified reflexology therapists and are eligible to apply for Registration through the Reflexology Association of Canada.